Vehicle Finance

Vehicle Finance

Robertson Wouters Finance are specialists in vehicle and equipment finance with access to the best deals on vehicle and equipment finance from their panel of over 25 lenders, including all the major banks and vehicle and equipment companies.

We dedicate ourselves to finding you the best deals on vehicle and equipment finance, and one that meets your specific needs and circumstances.

Whether it is for business or personal use we have you covered with a wide variety of market leading products to choose from our panel of lenders.

Your Vehicle and Equipment Finance Needs

  • Purchasing a Vehicle
  • Purchasing a Commercial Vehicle or Utility
  • Purchasing a Truck or Trailer
  • Purchasing a Caravan
  • Purchasing Plant & Equipment
  • Purchasing a Bob Cat or Excavator
  • Purchasing Machinery
  • Purchasing Farming Equipment

Whatever your vehicle and equipment finance needs are you can be sure Robertson Wouters Finance can satisfy them.

The Loan Process

Follow a detail description of the loan process below.
Vehicle & Equipment Choice

The first stage is to decide which vehicle, equipment or machinery you wish to purchase, and approximately the costs involved in the purchase.

Finance Type

Lease, Hire Purchase, Chattel Mortgage, Novated Lease, Personal Car Loan?

Here we need to work out which vehicle or equipment finance product is the correct one for your specific needs and circumstances. You must also decide on the loan term and whether a balloon or residual at the end of the contract is desired. There are many choices and various tax implications for each and your accountant is the best port of call to discuss which product suits your specific needs and circumstances.


Once the desired vehicle or equipment has been decided, and a product has been chosen including the term and any balloon or residual at the end of the contract, we can proceed with a quotation. We now find the best and most competitive financier for your particular purchase and complete a quotation which will determine the repayments and rate of your vehicle or equipment finance.

Information Collection

Once clients are satisfied with our quotation we are ready to proceed with an application. If you are still shopping for your vehicle or equipment we can lodge a pre-approval application which can give you more bargaining power knowing your finance is already pre-approved. Alternatively if you have already purchased your vehicle we can proceed with a normal application. Please ensure you have signed your purchase contract under the special conditions area subject to “finance of the buyer’s choice only.”

The financier requires copies of certain information to enable an assessment of a vehicle or equipment finance application.

Generally this information includes:

  • Drivers Licence for all directors, partners, guarantors, applicants.
  • Last 2 years business taxation returns and financial statements
  • Last 2 years personal taxation returns for each applicant/director/guarantor
  • Detailed business plan and cash flow statement for any new businesses.
  • Company / Business details
  • Borrowing Structure i.e. Company, Trust, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership
  • Purchase contract of the vehicle or equipment, including the dealership details.
  • Statement of all current assets and liabilities for all directors/applicants/guarantors


Once all information has been gathered and both the clients and Robertson Wouters Finance have agreed on the best product for the specific needs and circumstances of the clients, an application can be completed with the specific financier. These application forms are then signed along with the associated privacy and compliance forms.


Once an application form has been fully completed and signed it is lodged with all the supporting documentation to the chosen financier. This process is done either electronically or via facsimile.


Once an application has been received by the financier it is placed in the queue for assessment. Some financiers with electronic lodgment capabilities provide assessment decisions almost instantly once the application has been received. Alternatively an application is allocated to an assessor where they assess the application against their financier’s policy. Generally speaking an assessor will:

  • Perform a credit check CRAA on all directors, applicants, and guarantors for any credit history, blemishes or defaults
  • Perform company searches on all companies involved
  • Assess the associated risk involved with the application
  • Ensure the vehicle, equipment or asset being used as security for the finance is acceptable to the financiers policy
  • Perform a serviceability equation sensitised and averaged over a 2 or 3 year period to ensure the business can meet all its current and future commitments.


Once the assessor is satisfied that the application meets all the policies and requirements of the financier and the borrowing entity and their directors and guarantors (if applicable) have the integrity and capacity to repay the debt as and when due, they will issue an approval. If the assessor is not satisfied with the application, they will defer their decision it pending additional information or decline it.

Tax Invoice

Once approval of the vehicle or equipment finance is received. Robertson Wouters Finance will contact the dealership where the vehicle or equipment is being purchased and ask for a copy of the tax invoice. The tax invoice will include the exact costs of the vehicle, the GST component, dealer delivery, stamp duty, accessories etc.


Once the tax invoice has been finalised and sent to the financier, they will prepare documentation for the vehicle or equipment finance. Basically the documentation will include the finance contracts or agreements between the financier and the borrower and any charge or lien over the vehicle or equipment being used as security for the finance.

Sign Up

Once documentation has been prepared it will be sent generally to Robertson Wouters Finance or the clients address. Once these are received it is imperative that borrowers read through the documentation to ensure there are no mistakes and they are happy with the finance terms and conditions. Any questions can be directed to Robertson Wouters Finance. When borrowers are satisfied with the documentation they can sign them either in front of their Robertson Wouters Finance consultant.


At this point insurance on the vehicle or equipment has to be organised. This is a requirement of the financier as it is their only recourse if the borrower fails to repay the debt. Robertson Wouters Finance can organise this for you or you can do it yourself, however it is imperative that the financier is noted on the insurance policy.


Once documentation has been signed correctly and returned to the financier along with the insurance in the form of a certificate of currency, the financier will be in a position to arrange a settlement.

To settle a vehicle or equipment purchase the financier will electronically deposit funds into the dealerships bank account. They will then fax through a confirmation to Robertson Wouters Finance who will in turn inform the dealership of the settlement.


Once settlement has occurred, your vehicle or equipment is ready to be picked up or delivered and congratulations / celebrations are in order!

Thank you

Your finance transaction is now complete, and we wish to thank you for your business and look forward to assisting you with all of your future finance needs. We also encourage you to pass on our details to your friends and family as we would love to assist them in finding the best deals for their property, business and vehicle finance.